Patti Custer Obituary, Patti Custer reportedly passed away

Patti Custer Obituary, Death – Patti Custer has reportedly passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and sadness. After receiving her degree from Harpur College in 1968, she began her career in the field of counseling by taking a position at the Cortland Family Counseling Service. She began working there the same year. Shortly after relocating to the Albany area, she began working for the Unified Court System as a senior court clerk. She continued in this capacity for the entirety of her career, right up until the year 2002, when she decided to retire earlier than planned.

They became husband and wife on November 26, 1969, after exchanging their vows at a wedding ceremony. Richard Custer was destined to become her husband. When she and Richard arrived back in Cortland, it was the year 2018, after a long journey back. Patti has always identified as a feminist, and she is a vocal supporter of the causes that are championed by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Feminist Majority, and many other organizations that work to advance women’s rights. She was also very interested in genealogy and scrapbooking, and after she retired, she worked for Creative Memories as a consultant for seven years while also instructing adult education classes.

Both of these hobbies were very important to her. Her interests included family history research and scrapbooking. She cherished her family, her friends, and her feline companions, and she delighted in traveling across the country to see the people she cherished the most. She cherished her family, her friends, and her feline companions. Her feline companions, her family, and her friends were all very important to her, but a special place in her heart was reserved for her family. Her legacy will be carried on by a large number of people, including her husband Richard, two of her brothers, three of her sisters, and a large number of her nieces and nephews. Her legacy will be carried on.

Prior to Patti’s passing, her son Kevin D. Custer and her daughter Tina Chambers, along with her sisters Joyce Littleton, Bonnie Overton, and Louise Davis, all passed away. Patti was also predeceased by her husband. Her children, Teresa Custer Woods and Stacey Lee Custer, as well as her son, Jay M. Custer, and her grandchildren, Rebecca Custer, Amber Sirmons, Miranda Custer, Jay M. Custer, Brian Headley, Kevin D. Custer, Jr., Crystal Custer, Ashley Davis, and Steven Davis, will always treasure her memory. Her husband, Kevin D. Custer, Sr., also leaves behind a son, Jay M. Custer. Her great-grandchildren Alex Sirmons, Brian Headley, Jr., Tiffany Custer, Megan Cobb, and Haylee Sir will also have fond memories of their grandmother.