Bob Eldridge Obituary Reynella East, AU, Bob Eldridge has died – Death

Bob Eldridge Obituary, Death – Bob Eldridge of Reynella East, AU, has reportedly died untimely and unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. Despite the fact that neither of his parents, Virgil Eldridge or Lena Faye Gregory Eldridge, is still alive at the present time, he is still considered to be their son. This is because Virgil Eldridge and Lena Faye Gregory Eldridge adopted him when he was a baby. His other children include Shirlene Eldridge Phillips, Paul Eldridge, Joan Eldridge (Terry Barnes), and Janet Eldridge; Mona Eldridge Craigo and Mark Eldridge both currently live in Greenville, South Carolina; and Bobby Eldridge Craigo, who is the eldest of all seven of his children and is also the name of the child who currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

All of his children currently reside in Lexington, Kentucky. Bobby Eldridge Craigo is the father of seven children, and Eldridge Bobby Craigo is the eldest of all of them. Bobby was a devout member of the United Baptist Church congregation for a good number of years, and his beliefs were consistent with those of the church throughout the entirety of his time as a member of the congregation. It was speculated that he was a member of the Morehead Masonic Lodge 654 at one point in time, but it has since been determined that this is not the case.

Bobby came to the conclusion that it was time for him to hang it up and retire from his job as a Sealmaster in Morehead in the year 2005. When he was younger, he worked as a construction worker at Van Lear Homes in Tipp City, which is in the state of Ohio. The city of Tipp City can be found in the state of Ohio. When he was a young boy, he showed a genuine commitment to hard work and worked in a number of different jobs. He also worked in a number of different jobs. Additionally, he held a variety of jobs throughout his life. Everyone who knew Bobby respected him due to the fact that he always carried himself in a manner that was befitting for a gentleman, that he was a man of integrity, and that he was a model citizen. Bobby always made sure to act in a manner that was fitting for a gentleman.