Tyler Snyder Obituary, Tyler Snyder 20, died in Moline Car Crash

Tyler Snyder Death, Obituary -The Rock Island County Coroner’s Office has made public the identity of the individual who passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an automobile accident that occurred on Wednesday in Moline. The Moline Police Department reports that the accident took occurred around 8:00 in the morning close to the intersection of 53rd Street and John Deere Road.

The investigators believe that the incident took place when a Chevrolet Cruze that was traveling south on 53rd Street reached the intersection and was struck in the driver’s side door by a Kia Stinger that was traveling west. This information is according to the investigators who were looking into the matter. The driver of the Chevrolet was involved in the accident that resulted in his death.

The deceased person has been identified as Tyler J. Snyder, who was 20 years old, as stated by the Coroner of Moline, Brian Gustafson. The first address that the police had for him was in Rock Island, and it was there. According to Gustafson, the initial findings of an inquiry into Snyder’s death indicate that the cause of death was multiple traumatic injuries sustained as a result of the incident.

These injuries were sustained as a result of the incident. Toxicological tests will go conducted, even if there are currently no preparations to conduct an autopsy on the body. Witnesses told the police that the Kia had a green light, however the Chevrolet was alleged to have a red light by the police. The Kia was the vehicle in question. According to Gustafson, the accident investigation was still being looked into by the Moline Police Department’s accident reconstruction branch as well as the coroner’s office as of Thursday. Both of these offices are investigating the cause of the accident.