Tom Farrell Obituary Burlington, Vermont, Tom Farrell unexpectedly passed away

Tom Farrell Obituary, Death – Tom Farrell of Burlington, Vermont, has sadly died unexpectedly, leaving loved ones and family and the entire community in grief and sadness according to an online share. “After what feels like an interminable amount of time has gone by since the last time we spoke to one another, it is high time that we get back in touch. When we first set out on our journey, we were going in a completely different course than we had originally planned. But the good times, the laughter, the fact that you tried to teach me how to use a video game controller so that I could join in on the Halo action, our trip to Marco Island, and the dance parties in Alberg are all things that I will never forget.

Those are the things that I will always remember. The sum total of all of those things is what constitutes the things in my life that I will never, ever forget. Because your grin was so infectious, everyone else couldn’t help but smile right along with you. I am thinking about you and sending you good energy in the hopes that things are going swimmingly well for you at this very moment. Rest easy, luv you buddy ❤ Tom Farrell”