Taylor Beltramini Obituary, William Floyd High school Senior died in car accident -Death

Taylor Beltramini Death, Obituary – has passed away untimely leaving family, friends, loved ones and the entire community in grievance according to an online publication. Landon Kromhout Auditore, a senior at William Floyd High School, and Taylor Beltramini, a senior at the Floyd Academy, were both killed in a car accident yesterday, and both of them passed away as a result of the injuries they sustained. Both of these students were seniors at their respective high schools. Both of these students had reached the senior year at their respective institutions of higher education.

We are reporting the news of the passing of these two William Floyd students with a great deal of regret and sadness because of the significant impact that they had on all of us throughout their lives. They were both students at William Floyd. Both Taylor and Landon’s high school graduations were initially scheduled to take place in the months of January and June, respectively, in accordance with the preliminary plans that were formulated. During this challenging time, we have reached out to both sets of parents and made it abundantly clear that we are ready to offer any assistance they might require from us.

We are prepared to do whatever it takes to support them. Students at Floyd Academy and William Floyd High School, along with students from any other school in our district who may have been impacted by this tragedy,  have access to grief and crisis counselors at their respective schools. These counselors are also available to students from any school in our district who may have been impacted by this tragedy. Students from any school in our district who may have been affected by this tragedy can also make use of the counseling services provided by these professionals.

Students who are enrolled in any of the other schools that are part of our district have the opportunity to make use of this service as well. As we lift them up and support them during this time of need, their loved ones, friends, and members of the community are at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers.