Shiyanna Hayes Obituary, Shiyanna Hayes reportedly passed away

Shiyanna Hayes Death, Obituary – The identity of a mother who was 25 years old when she was discovered dead from gunshot wounds in Waukegan has been made public by the coroner who investigated the case. The female victim who was discovered dead from gunshot wounds inside a vehicle on Monday evening in front of a manufacturing facility in Waukegan has been identified by the coroner who examined the shooting event.

She was a mother and only 25 years old at the time. Shiyanna Hayes, who was 25 years old and from Waukegan, passed away as a result of several gunshot wounds, according to Jennifer Banek, the county coroner for Lake County, who indicated that the findings of an autopsy showed this information. At approximately 7:37 p.m. on Monday, the Waukegan Fire Department and the Waukegan Police Department responded to the 1900 block of South Waukegan Road in the city of Waukegan, Illinois.

There was a report of a vehicle on fire in the area. Officers responded to a complaint concerning an individual who was slumped over in a vehicle, according to the Deputy Police Chief Joe Florip of the Waukegan Police Department, who added that the information was provided in a statement. Hayes, who had been shot by the time the officers arrived, was found dead in the same location where they discovered him.

According to Florip, Hayes was found in a vehicle that had been parked just off the shoulder of the Waukegan Road lanes heading northbound. The woman was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the officers until the arrival of the paramedics, at which point it was found that Hayes had already gone away. The Waukegan Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was given the responsibility of leading the investigation into the incident.

The investigation is just getting started, but so far the detectives think that Hayes was the person who was supposed to be hurt by the attack.
An autopsy on the woman was performed on Tuesday by the Lake County Coroner’s Office. The autopsy was undertaken to determine the cause of death of the woman. In a statement that was released on Tuesday, Florip indicated that no one had been brought into custody in connection with the incident.
The police are asking anyone who was in the neighborhood on Monday evening around 7:37 p.m. and remembers seeing or hearing anything odd to get in touch with them.