Roger Stoddard Obituary, CMHA of New Brunswick Board member passed away

Roger Stoddard Obituary, Death – The Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick was saddened to learn this week that longstanding Board member Roger Stoddard had passed away. Stoddard had served on the Board for many years. Roger served as a prominent champion in the field of mental health for a number of decades and was the CMHA of New Brunswick’s most enthusiastic cheerleader.

Throughout the course of his career, he was an advocate for better health care in our province, served on a wide variety of committees at both the provincial and national level, and served on the boards of directors of both the provincial and national branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

He also served on the boards of directors of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Because he was certain that things will get better in the not too distant future, he volunteered a large number of his own personal hours to contribute to the cause. Because he believed in the CMHA of New Brunswick’s work and in the individuals who were employed there, he considered it an honor to be associated with the organization in any capacity.

At every location that he visited, he would talk positively about the work that we had completed. During the course of his time on the Board of Directors, Roger served in virtually every capacity that was available to him. Because Roger enjoyed talking to people and was passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues, many of the people who work here had the opportunity to come to know him over the years and shared many laughs with him.

The CMHA of New Brunswick will remember him fondly for many years to come because of the happiness and joy he provided to the family of the organization. When Roger came to our Fredericton office on November 26 for a Board meeting, he was very excited to learn about the CMHA of New Brunswick’s plans for the future as well as the organization’s assessment of the prior year. Roger was also very interested in hearing about the organization’s evaluation of the prior year.

As we work toward the goal of enhancing the way mental illness is treated in New Brunswick, we will use his sense of pride and passion as a compass to guide our efforts. During this difficult time, we want Roger’s family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and that we are sending them all of the positive energy we can muster. Roger, the CMHA family will miss your spunkiness, passion, and sense of humor; yet, in spite of your leaving, we will continue on our journey toward betterment.

Because of the models of perseverance and endurance that you established for us, your brilliance will continue to live on in our hearts and minds for all of eternity.”