Rick Baxter Obituary South Fork, one killed in car accident – Death

Rick Baxter Death, Obituary – Ricky Baxter, a member of the “Class of 1977,” was one of the people who lost their lives in the terrible car accident that took place yesterday evening. The rest of Ricky Baxter’s classmates are in a state of mourning over his passing because of his passing. Because there is a lot of conjecture surrounding this scenario, but there are no facts to back it up, we ask that you treat it with respect because there are no facts to back it up. There is no way that can be imagined to discover the chain of events that led to what took place.

During this trying time, we want Rick’s family and all of those he leaves behind to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. We want you to know that we are thinking about you and your family and praying for all of you. Please accept our assurances. He is only 23 years old and hails from Mineral Point; please remember him in your thoughts and prayers as he fights this illness. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will make a speedy recovery. We ask that you come together in prayer for the well-being of the young man who sustained significant injuries in this accident. Please say your prayers for him at this time. Please do so at your earliest convenience.