Nisanda Marshall Obituary, 33-year-old, dies in Louisville’s Algonquin shooting

Nisanda Marshall Death, Obituary -The individual who was killed in the incident that took place in the Algonquin area on Friday evening has been recognized by the law enforcement officials. The person who passed away was a female. At the time, she was 33 years old. It was determined that the person responsible for this crime was Nisanda Marshall, who was born and raised in Louisville.

This information comes from the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, which is located in Jefferson County. Prior to her passing away, she appeared to have suffered from a number of gunshot wounds, as evidenced by the findings of the inquiry that was carried out by the coroner’s office. Officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department responded to a report of shots fired on Friday evening about eight o’clock in the 2300 block of West Lee Street, according to Dwight Mitchell, a spokesperson for the department.

The incident was reported in the area of West Lee Street. The event was alleged to have taken place in the West Lee Street neighborhood. After responding to the call, the police discovered a woman who had been shot at the spot. The office of the coroner was able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the woman who had passed away was in fact Marshall. The lifeless body of the woman was reportedly located at the area, and it was reported to the police.