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 Nick Davis Obituary, Death –The biography of Nicholas Nathaniel Holland Davis is one that is both entertaining to read about and one that stands out due to its singularity. It is a story about enduring adversity, not giving up, and coming up with creative solutions to problems. It’s also a story about how two people can fall in love… On February 9, 2016, Nick had his very first seizure, and a diagnosis of epilepsy was later made for him not too much longer after that. Even though Nick was given a grim prognosis, he made the decision that he would not let the sickness define who he is in any way.

Nick’s failure to maintain employment prompted him to develop a new hobby, which was the creation of works of digital art. He worked tirelessly on his project, which he designed on an iPad that Tiffany, his wife, had purchased for him as a present. He put everything he had into it. Nick devoted a substantial amount of time and effort every single day to the process of enhancing his abilities. He never ventured out of the house without taking his iPad and a pencil with him.

They were never seen moving away from him. He was always prepared to put his thoughts into action whenever they occurred to him. Nick’s one-of-a-kind art collection, titled “Black is Beautiful,” came to be as a direct result of the ideas that sparked the collection’s conception. This body of work is a breathtaking representation of the raw emotions experienced by African-Americans as they navigate the triumphs and tribulations that are a part of everyday life in the United States  In addition to garnering accolades from people all throughout the country, the “Black is Beautiful” project would eventually wind up becoming a successful NFT campaign.

Even when his star began to soar in the world of entertainment, Nick did not stop doing what he was most skilled at doing (and what he was known for). Create, create, create. Unhappily, as the condition worsened, the seizures became more frequent and progressively incapacitating for the patient. Nick had made peace with what he knew was going to happen, but his confidence in God enabled him to live a full life that was brimming with love. Nick’s faith in God enabled him to live a full life. He lived each day of his life as if it were his last, treating it with the utmost respect.