Naomi McIntosh Obituary, Naomi McIntosh has died from cancer

Naomi McIntosh Obituary, Death – Naomi McIntosh, who had been battling stage IV stomach cancer, passed away on December 10, 2022. Our hearts are broken, and we offer our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones as we convey our deepest sympathies for their loss. Naomi was unable to win her fight against the sickness. Another cancer survivor put us in touch with DDF after viewing a post on Facebook in which Matthew, Naomi’s husband, begged for assistance in upgrading their aircraft tickets for a greatly anticipated trip to Italy.

This is how we first discovered about Naomi. The request for an upgrade was made so that Naomi, who was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer in 2020 with metastasis to the liver and lymph nodes, would be comfortable when traveling. Naomi’s illness had spread to the liver and lymph nodes at the time of her diagnosis. Naomi’s cancer had migrated from her stomach to her liver and lymph nodes by the time she was diagnosed.

The trip that Naomi is about to take was mentioned by her husband, who said that she had had it on her “bucket list” for a substantial amount of time. Naomi’s dream was granted thanks to the DDF Dream Makers Miracle Fund, which made it possible for us to grant her request. Matthew has recently thanked us for our contribution to making their vacation a more enjoyable experience by sharing these stunning photographs with us from their trip. Unfortuitously, he also relayed the tragic news of her demise at such a young age.

We are devastated to hear this news, but at the same time, we are grateful that we were able to lend even a small helping hand to Naomi and her husband in the process of creating memories that he will treasure for the rest of his life. In 2023, we are looking forward to maintaining our commitment to the community affected by stomach cancer by way of our Dream Makers Miracle Fund.