Miriam Bergen Obituary Bergen County, New Jersey, Miriam Bergen reportedly died

Miriam Bergen Obituary, Death – Miriam Bergen of Winnipeg, Bergen County, New Jersey, has reportedly died leaving family and loved ones in agony and sadness, according to an online publication. “This day will forever be remembered as a significant milestone in our history. Miriam Bergen was the person who was responsible for the single most generous donation that has ever been made by an individual to a charitable organization in Canada. She held the position of president of our organization until her passing in January.

The legacy that Miriam left behind in the form of a bequest to The Winnipeg Foundation in her will is the culmination of a lifetime of charitable giving on the part of Miriam, her parents Martin and Ruth, as well as Miriam herself. Miriam Bergen, a former president of Edison Properties, made Canadian charitable giving history when she gave the most money ever given by an individual to a Canadian charity. Her contribution is the single most generous one that has ever been received.

It was an honor to be able to speak about this incredibly kind deed today in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Manitoba. This kind and generous person passed away in January of 2022, and she went to the heavenly abode she had prepared for herself before she passed away. Thank you very much, Miriam, as well as to everyone else who has worked hard, and continues to work hard, to assist in the building and expansion of this organization that is led by philanthropic leaders. We really appreciate everything you’ve done.”