Megan Perez Obituary Connecticut, Megan Perez unexpectedly passed away

Megan Perez Obituary, Death – Megan Perez of Connecticut, has sadly passed away unexpectedly leaving loved ones and family in grief and agony. She started her high school career in Minnesota, but she transferred to North Platte High School for her junior year. She graduated from North Platte High School. North Platte High School was her alma mater, and she graduated with honors. The year 1997 was significant for her because it was the year that she and her partner, Anthony Perez, first started their family.

She had spent the majority of her life in North Platte, where she worked as a house keeper up until the year 2012, when she was given a diagnosis of cancer and began her fight against the illness. She passed away in 2015 after a courageous battle against the disease. After a valiant and protracted struggle against the illness, she lost her fight in 2015 and passed away. Megan was a wonderful friend to everyone she met in addition to the roles of mother, daughter, and sister that she played in her family. Her radiant smile had the power to brighten even the darkest of environments, and the lives of a great number of people were forever changed as a result.

She has not only left a significant mark on the world as a whole, but also on the lives of a great many different people. This is despite the fact that she will be greatly missed by so many people. Megan is survived by her partner, Anthony Perez; her four children, Megan Perez, 17, Olivia Perez, 15, Gabriella Perez, 14, and Joseph Perez, 9; her parents, Eliseo and Olga Perez Sr.; her half sister, Mary Ocanas; her biological siblings, Ruperta Perez , Belia Ochoa, Irene Evans, and Christina Najera; and a large number of nieces and nephews. Megan also leaves Now that she has passed away, her niece Aiyana Flores and her best friend Rachel Hernandez will be there to greet her in heaven, and heaven will be a better place because of it. At the precise moment she passed away, the group was present and accounted for.