Jean Henderson Obituary, Jean Henderson has sadly passed away

Jean Henderson Obituary, Death -It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you that Jean Henderson, who was in charge of arranging our funeral services, has passed away. She was the person who was in charge of making all of the arrangements. I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but she passed away earlier today. I feel terrible about having to tell you this. Not only was Jean someone I worked with and considered a friend, but she was also a real member of the extended Burgess family and someone I’ve known my whole life. Sadly, Jean passed away recently.

It was upsetting to learn that she had passed away not too long ago. In the earlier part of this year, Jean passed away for unknown reasons. She was a much-loved team member at J. J. Burgess & Sons and will be dearly missed not just by all of her coworkers but also by all of those whom she assisted throughout the course of her many years working for us. She will be greatly remembered as someone who had a positive impact on all of their lives.

Not only was she a much-loved team member at J. J. Burgess & Sons, but she also helped others, which is another reason why her absence will be deeply felt at the company. The absence of her in our lives is going to leave a hole in each of our hearts. She was a member of the squad for a sizeable amount of the time that it existed as a unit.