Jaymar Brown Obituary, Jaymar Brown 44, has passed away reportedly

Jaymar Brown Death, Obituary -According to reports from the Turlock Police Department, a guy who was being sought by officers for allegedly stealing a convenience store in Turlock ended up shooting himself in the head. The deceased has been determined to be Jaymar Brown, who was 44 years old, according to the Stanislaus County Coroner’s Office.

During the foot pursuit that cops were conducting with Brown, the police department claims that Brown shot himself in the head. A short while before, it was believed that Brown had robbed a business while armed with a firearm. Wednesday evening around 5:43 p.m., a convenience store located in the 400 block of Lander Avenue was the location of the robbery that was reported.

The suspect went up to the counter and brandished a gun in the direction of the clerk. According to the spokesman for the Turlock Police Department, Sgt. Michael Parmley, “he requested the money from the register, and the clerk cooperated by handing over the cash.” The suspect ran away on foot from the store, and a witness later saw him heading west on Vermont and then heading north via an alley.

After beginning their search of the neighborhood, police officers located the suspect near the intersection of Broadway and A Street. He was concealing a weapon on his person and evaded law enforcement when they ordered him to stop. Within the 300 block of South Broadway, Brown concealed himself for a short while behind trash cans.

“Officers tried to talk with the man, but he would not listen to them,” said Parmley. After that, Brown sprinted and vaulted over numerous different fences. According to what Parmley said, “when the individual ran away from the officers, he pointed the handgun at them and then held the gun to his own head.” Brown was relentlessly pursued by the authorities, who issued numerous commands for him to cease his pursuit.

Brown aimed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger close to the intersection of South First and F streets. According to Parmley, law enforcement officers approached the individual, disarmed him, and then immediately began performing life-saving measures. Brown was transported in an ambulance to Doctors Medical Center, but he did not survive his injuries and passed away there.

The cash that had been stolen was located at the scene of the crime.