Gilmer Lopez Obituary Alexandria, LA, man struck & killed by fire truck

Gilmer Lopez Obituary, Death – A man was hit and killed by a fire engine on Friday evening in the state of Louisiana, according to the local authorities. The incident occurred in that state. In the state is where the incident took place. The event took occurred somewhere inside the borders of the state. A report was made to the Alexandria Police Department at approximately 11:32 p.m., indicating that a man had been hit by a fire truck, according to the statements made by the department.

The event was said to have taken place in the city of Alexandria, according to the reports. The information was provided by the department that was reached out to for more details. After arriving at the scene, the police officers learned that the victim had already passed away there before to their arrival and that they were too late to save him. He was apparently struck by a truck belonging to the Alexandria Fire Department, as stated in the official report on the incident.

This information came from the relevant authorities that were contacted. It has been determined that the individual who went away as a direct result of the unfortunate event was identified as Gilmer Jaleon Lopez, who was 50 years old at the time of the incidence. The authorities are looking for Lopez and the people who are important to him, and they have asked for the cooperation of the general public in their hunt for Lopez and the others who are important to him. They are conducting a search for members of Lopez’s family.