DeJanelle Gaines Obituary, DeJanelle Gaines 24, died in West Washington shooting

DeJanelle Gaines Death, Obituary -According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the coroner, it would appear that the shootings were a case of murder-suicide. After inadvertently shooting and killing DeJanelle Gaines, age 24, Tayveon Ward, age 26, turned the gun on himself before taking his own life. DeJanelle was Tayveon’s girlfriend. Tayveon Ward took his own life after shooting and killing Gaines, and then turned the pistol on himself before committing suicide.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has disclosed the name of the female victim who passed away as a result of her injuries (IMPD). Your departure has been a tragedy for the entire family of my young cousins, and it doesn’t seem fair that they will have to continue living without you now that their world has been turned upside down by the event. Please pray for them along with us, that even though it seems unfair, they will be able to find some degree of happiness in this life. Thank you. I am grateful.

JUST IN: NEWS THAT In the 800 block of Cloverleaf Terrace in Indianapolis, the Homicide Unit of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is now conducting an investigation into a homicide that took place there. There were two persons shot, and unfortunately, I have to tell you that one of them did not make it through their trauma alive. I’m sorry about that. This is located on the road’s western side, not too far from West Washington Street or the ramp that leads onto Interstate 465. It is not too far from the West Washington Street exit ramp. When we have information that is more up to date, we will share it with you as soon as we are able to do so.