Christopher Burton Obituary Wilmington, NC, pedestrian killed in truck accident

Christopher Burton Obituary, Death – Christopher Lanier Burton Wilmington, NC, pedestrian¬† has reportedly died in a truck crash untimely and unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. The man who was found to have passed away after being struck by a vehicle a week ago has been positively identified, according to the findings of the investigation conducted by the Wilmington Police Department. This conclusion was arrived at following the completion of the investigation into the man’s passing and the tallying of the investigation’s findings.

Christopher Lanier Burton, 45 years old, was reportedly struck in the 3100 block of Market Street in front of the ‘Dr. Stylz’ men’s clothing store, according to the police. This incident took place in front of the store. It was reported that the incident took place in front of the store where they were shopping. This event transpired in the lobby of the shopping center’s primary entrance. The information that was provided suggests that the incident took place in the vicinity of the store in which they were shopping at the time.

After being found unconscious, Burton was transported to the Novant New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Unfortunately, the effects of his injuries were too severe for him to recover from, and he passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. The West Palm Beach Police Department has reached the conclusion, based on the findings of the investigation, that they will not be bringing any criminal charges in connection with it.