Bradley Munroe Obituary Chula Vista, CA, man killed in officer involved shootout

Bradley Munroe Obituary, Death – Bradley Munroe of Chula Vista, CA, has reportedly passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and sadness. The identity of the man who passed away on Sunday after being shot by a police officer in Chula Vista has been discovered by the local authorities. The shooting incident occurred on Sunday. Bradley Munroe, a resident of Chula Vista who is 32 years old, disobeyed commands to stop approaching an officer while holding a knife at approximately 8:20 p.m. on Broadway, according to the San Diego Police Department’s report.

Munroe was carrying the knife at the time. The department reported that Munroe had possession of the knife at the time of the incident. As a result of this, a police officer who has since been identified as Alfonso Perdomo discharged his weapon while he was on the job. Before losing consciousness and collapsing to the ground, Munroe apparently took several blows to the body, as stated by the police. The officers began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as soon as the suspect’s knife was removed from his possession and before the arrival of the paramedics.

Unfortunately, Munroe passed away as a result of his injuries right there at the scene of the accident. The department has stated that there were no officers who were injured as a result of this incident, and the San Diego Police Department’s Homicide Unit is currently looking into the matter. After that, an investigation into the incident will be carried out by the District Attorney’s Office for San Diego County.