Billy Marsden Obituary, Nine people killed in Jersey explosion identified

Billy Marsden Obituary, Death – The explosion that took place in St. Helier on the 10th of December soon after 4am completely destroyed the structure that was there. On Thursday, the police in the States of Jersey confirmed that postmortem examinations had been performed, and that the individuals who had been reported missing had been found to be among the deceased. The police also confirmed that the people who had been found to be among the deceased had been found to be among the deceased.

The persons who had previously been identified as being among the deceased were, according to the findings of the police, indeed identified as being among the deceased. On Friday, the 30th of December, the inquests into their deaths were supposed to get underway; however, they will be postponed while the investigation into the disaster is carried out in its entirety. The inquests into their deaths were due to begin on Friday, the 30th of December.

A representative for the police department issued the following statement: “Officers across the police and government are working with the next steps in order for families to begin making preparations for the funeral.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members and friends of those who were lost as a result of this terrible tragedy. They are continuing to receive help from cops who have received specific training in the field.

It is anticipated that the Deputy Viscount, who also serves as the coroner, would begin the inquests on the following Friday, which is the 30th of December, and then adjourn them while the police investigation continues. This will take place on the day after Christmas. The following is an excerpt from the statement that was issued: “Detectives will continue their inquiries during the holiday season, and a cordon of the site will remain in place into the new year, with expert scientific work expected to persist for several weeks.

” The victims included Billy Marsden, who was 63 years old, Peter Bowler, who was 72 years old, Raymond (Raymie) Brown, who was 71, Romeu and Louise De Almeida, who were 67 and 64, Derek and Sylvia Ellis, who were 61 and 73, Ken and Jane Ralph, who were 72 and 71, and Derek and Sylvia Ellis. Jersey’s Chief Minister Kristina Moore gave a statement to the States Assembly, the island’s representative body, two days after the incident, in which she stressed that the police investigation will be comprehensive and independent. ”

Everyone on the island and throughout the world has been taken aback by the dreadful explosion that occurred at Haut du Mont. It took place on the island. There is hardly a shred of doubt in my mind that members [of the assembly] had viewed the tape, which is not only challenging to observe but is also unheard of for Jersey in this day and age. To put it another way, the vast majority of us have not been exposed to anything that can even be compared to what you just described.

Alongside the ongoing search and rescue efforts, the police are also conducting an inquiry into the chain of circumstances that led up to the explosion. This investigation is presently taking place concurrently with the ongoing recovery operation. This investigation will be completely objective at every stage, and it will provide the family members and friends of everyone who was involved with information on the events that took place.

An investigation of the entirety of Jersey’s gas system has been launched; however, it is not yet known whether or if a criminal probe will also be conducted in connection with this inquiry. According to the reports, the local fire department was asked to arrive at the spot at 8:36 p.m. on the Friday evening before the disaster in order to investigate what was believed to be a gas leak at the time. Following an additional quarter of an hour or so, the officers who were still present at the scene eventually transferred responsibility for the investigation to Islands Energy.