Billy Hearns Obituary, Billy Hearns has reportedly passed away

Billy Hearns Obituary, Death –┬áThe Gregorian calendar was used to format both of the dates. Information pertaining to both of these dates can be found on his birth certificate. Due to the fact that Mr. Hearn was born on the 21st of October, his birthday is in the month of October. He was an outstanding performer in every way throughout the time that he was serving his country in the Korean War, and this included the time that he spent fighting in the conflict.

After he had completed the process of reestablishing himself in his home country, he started his career in the field of Education. Mr. Hearn has worked in the education industry in a variety of capacities, including those of classroom instructor, head coach, and principal. He was an avid golfer, a hunter, and he also had other interests in addition to playing dominoes and participating in other activities for entertainment.

His wife of 66 years, Janet Hearn, of Plain Dealing, Louisiana, is among the members of his family who have survived. Others include his daughter Pam and her husband Dan Weir; his sons Phil Hearn and Ken Hearn; his two granddaughters, Sarah Weir and Caroline Kolins; his two grandsons, Richard Weir and Hunter Hearn; and his great grandson, John Mark Kolins. Janet Hearn’s funeral was held on April 15, 2018.

In addition to his wife, Phil and Ken Hearn, both of his children are still alive and will carry on his legacy. Mr. Hearn’s mother and father, Ernest and Ida Hearn, as well as his sisters Ernestine Crews, Betty Dalrymple, and Doris Waggoner, and his brother Pete Hearn all passed away before he did. Mr. Hearn’s passing was the final member of the Hearn family. In addition, Mr. Hearn’s sister Doris Waggoner passed away before him.

Ernestine Crews, who was his sister, was the first of his siblings to pass away. She was the first sibling to pass away. The individuals who have volunteered to carry the casket of the deceased individual during the funeral services are as follows: Travis Huddleston, Wayne Nuckolls, Vernon Crawford, Riley McElhanon, Al Wyche, and Larry Deen.