Angie Lyle Obituary, Angie Lyle has suddenly passed away

Angie Lyle Obituary, Death – At the request of AnneMarie Ziegler and on behalf of ARRAY Publishing & Marketing, LLC, we are writing to inform you of the unexpected demise of Angie Lyle. She was a member of the ARRAY family. This information is being conveyed to you with the utmost sense of remorse on our part. Angie, who was the daughter of AnneMarie, who serves as the CEO of ARRAY Magazine, passed away earlier today. AnneMarie is the current CEO of the publication.

At this time, we ask that you remember their whole family in your thoughts and prayers, particularly Angie’s children. Thank you for your consideration of this request. The revelation of this truth has left each and every one of us absolutely dumbfounded. We ask that you pray for them to have the fortitude and peace of mind that they require during this time as they proceed through the subsequent stages of mourning and preparing.

In order to show respect and courtesy for AnneMarie, we ask that you make every effort to refrain from contacting or messaging her an excessive amount. Thank you. She will read each and every one of your messages if you choose to express your condolences in this place and choose to do so. If you are in possession of her personal contact information and you make the decision to get in touch with her, we politely ask that you bear with the length of time it takes for her to answer before getting in touch with us again.

I want to express my appreciation and love to each and every one of you. We would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of everyone working at ARRAY Magazine and ARRAY Publishing & Marketing, to thank you for the unflinching love and support you have shown to us throughout the years.