Angel Luna Obituary, Angel Luna reportedly passed away

Angel Luna Death, Obituary – The lifeless corpse that was discovered in a pond close to Bargersville on Thursday has been recognized as that of a 19-year-old guy from Indianapolis, as stated by the Johnson County coroner, who made the declaration in the evening on Thursday. The coroner made the announcement. Thursday was the day that the body was located and discovered.

Angel Luna’s death was determined to have been the consequence of a premeditated act of violence after it was determined, as a result of an autopsy performed on Friday morning, that the examination was finished. The deceased body of Luna was reportedly discovered not too far to the southwest of the intersection where Clary Crossing South Drive and North State Road 135 meet, as stated by the authorities.

Officer Jeremy Roll of the Bargersville Police Department revealed to News 8 in the past that the deceased person’s corpse was discovered on Thursday at 11:45 a.m., and that this information was shared with News 8. On November 22nd, it was reported that there was no trace left behind of Luna after she had disappeared. Michael Pruitt, the coroner for Johnson County, delivered his comments regarding the investigation into the death on Friday.

He noted that the numerous gunshot wounds provide evidence that the death was the result of a homicide. The police department issued a statement that was included in a press release that was distributed to the general public. In the statement, the police agency noted that “it is not regarded to be a random act of violence.”