William Haynie Obituary, founder of Mid City Pediatrics reportedly died

William Haynie Death, Obituary – Our hearts are filled with sadness when we are informed of the demise of Dr. William (Bill) Haynie, who was the founder of Mid City Pediatrics. We are deeply sorry to hear this news. Dr. Bill Haynie started his career as a pediatrician in the year 1961 in the city of Shreveport, which is located in the state of Louisiana.

After working in the industry for the next 20 years, he opened Mid City Pediatrics in 1981. He was a pediatrician. In the years leading up to his retirement in 2006, he attended to the medical needs of a significant number of children and adolescents in the Ark-La-Tex region. He had been a physician for a total of 49 years, which is equivalent to almost half a century, when he made the decision to call it quits and go into retirement.

It is a privilege for Mid City to be able to offer medical care for the children and grandchildren of patients who first trusted Dr. Bill Haynie’s skillful hands and loving heart with their own health. He was truly one of a kind in every respect. Dr. Bill Haynie had a love that was both profound and unending for his family as well as for his patients. He was able to calm the anxieties of a worried mother, and then he used his quick wit to make the same worried mother laugh.

Throughout the entirety of his career, Dr. Haynie was renowned for dispensing care that was not only polite and courteous, but also brimming with compassion for his patients. Those individuals who were fortunate enough to have had a conversation with him will, for the rest of their lives, keep a piece of his legacy alive within their own hearts as a reminder of him.