Tirrell Smith Obituary, Tirrell Smith Has Reportedly Passed Away

Tirrell Smith Death, Obituary – Tirrell Smith has sadly passed away unexpectedly with loved ones, family and the entire community left heartbroken and in grievance, according to an online publication. The name of the man whose body was retrieved from the Allegheny River on Thursday afternoon has been made public by the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office. The location of the recovery was not too far from the point where East Deer meets the river.

The finding was found in the general vicinity of the river’s confluence with East Deer. According to the findings of the medical examiner, the individual who had passed away was identified as Tirrell Lamont Smith, and he was forty years old. Smith was reportedly born and reared in Grand Rapids, which is situated in the state of Michigan, according to Inspector Mike Peairs of the Allegheny County Police Department. On Thursday, the authorities said that the medical examiner would do an autopsy in order to identify the cause of death as well as the circumstances surrounding how it occurred.

On Friday, neither of these was made available to the general public for viewing. Someone noticed the body floating in the river on Thursday afternoon and dialed 911 to tell the police of its location. This enabled the officials to reach at the site promptly and begin their investigation as soon as possible. When a police officer from the Tarentum Police Department arrived just after 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the search was immediately set in motion. An individual who had a private boat and was positioned close to the Tarentum boat launch was the one who guided the officer down the river.

Members of the Eureka Fire Rescue and EMS crew quickly joined an ongoing search effort that had already begun shortly after their arrival. A dead body was found a short distance upstream from the boat launch that is situated on East Deer beach. The location of the body was around three hundred yards away. When a fatality is involved in an investigation, it is standard procedure for the Tarentum Police Department to hand up the investigation to the Allegheny County Police Department once they have finished their initial examination of the case.