Tim Reddaway Obituary, Tim Reddaway sadly passed away

Tim Reddaway Death, Obituary – Tim “Wally” Reddaway was a life member of the club and had attained the age of 79 at the time of his passing when he passed away. The club would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Reddaway family on the passing of Tim “Wally” Reddaway. Wally made a substantial contribution to the conversation that ultimately led to the decision that TTGDFC should join the Amateur League in the year 1988.

This decision was reached as a result of the conversation. Since then, the club’s performance in the Amateur League has earned it a great deal of praise from the league’s officials. His plan for the growth and development of the future of the football club was put into effect, and it ended up being fairly successful. It was very clear that Wally held the club in the highest regard, and the juniors, as well as the teammates and teammates-in-training whom he had previously played with and coached, held the utmost affection and adoration for him.

Wally was a vital part of the club. In 2019, in acknowledgment of the many years of devoted work he had contributed to the organization, he was ultimately honored with the prestigious title of Life Member as a reward. During this sad time, the club would like to send its most sincere condolences to Jan, Justine and Lawrie, Anne and James, as well as their extended families.

On the following Friday, the 23rd of December, at 10:00 in the morning, Harrison Funerals, which is located in Ridgehaven, would be the location of Wally’s funeral service. The 19th of December was the day that Wally took his last breath. The presentation will be followed by a morning tea sale for anyone who would like to purchase it.

Wally, may you find comfort in the knowledge that you led a life deserving of respect because you were both Red and Black in blood. May you rest in peace.