Steve Austin Obituary, VOC well-known volunteer Steve Austin unexpectedly passed away

Steve Austin Obituary, Death – Steve Austin Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC ) well-known volunteer has sadly died unexpectedly, leaving loved ones and family and the entire community in grief and sadness according to an online share. “This past weekend, at the age of 97, Steve Austin, one of our most well-known and well-loved volunteers, passed away unexpectedly. His passing was deeply mourned. Everyone was taken aback by his unexpected passing. His death was lamented by a great number of people. Everyone who was aware of it was taken completely aback by his untimely passing. His passing came at an inopportune time.

Steve began his volunteer work with VOC in 1987, and in a short period of time, he was recognized as a natural leader and a treasured mentor. Since then, Steve has continued his service with VOC. The year 1987 marked the beginning of Steve’s volunteer work with VOC. 1987 was the year that Steve’s involvement with VOC’s volunteer program began in earnest. In 1995, we recognized him as our Volunteer of the Year, and in 1997, we honored him as our Mentor of the Year. Both of these honors were bestowed upon him.

Our group is responsible for presenting both of these awards to the recipients. These two honors were bestowed upon him as a result of the accomplishments he has attained as a direct consequence of the efforts he has put forth. Governor John Hickenlooper honored Steve Austin by naming November 7, 2015, Steve Austin Day after him after he completed his 300th project in the same year. Steve Austin Day was first celebrated in 2015. In recognition of the fact that he had successfully completed his 300th project by this point in his career, this was done as a token of appreciation.

After Steve Austin passed away, a proclamation was made in his honor to commemorate his life and the accomplishments that he had accomplished. Throughout the course of his career, he was presented with a number of prestigious awards and accolades on multiple occasions, earning him a great deal of recognition over the course of his professional life.

We are all going to miss Steve terribly here at VOC, but we can assure you that his contributions will not be ignored in any way, shape, or form in any way, shape, or form in any way, shape, or form in any way, shape, or form in any way, shape, or form in any way, shape, or form in any way, Not only during the course of the coming year, but also after it has passed, the members of our staff are going to make a significant amount of effort to recognize, celebrate, and honor Steve’s legacy. They will do this in a number of different ways. The duration of this commitment will extend beyond that of the upcoming calendar year.”