Kayla Prather Obituary Ohio US, two killed in car accident – Death

Kayla Prather Death,  Obituary – An incident that took place in Brown County is at the core of an investigation that the local authorities are conducting at this time. The investigation was initiated because of the occurrence. Alana Faulconer, who is 35 years old and was driving on Greenbush East Road on Sunday evening at 7:15 p.m. when the incident occurred, according to the findings of the inquiry, she ran a stop sign at Route 68 and collided with another automobile. The purpose of the investigation was to discover the specifics of what had transpired.

According to the report that was given to the police, Faulconer was supposedly being supervised by a little child at the time that the incident occurred. This is noted in the document. At the time, Benjamin and Kayla Prather, together with their daughter, were traveling in the other vehicle along with their daughter’s friend. Kayla Prather was found to have passed away at the scene, according to the conclusions reached by the medical professionals who were present during the occurrence. After being rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance, it was discovered that both Benjamin and the daughter were in extremely precarious situations.

This was made clear once they had arrived at their destination. Although the injuries that Faulconer and her passenger sustained are considered to be relatively mild, they nevertheless require the attention of a trained medical practitioner in order to be properly treated.