Kathy Sexton Death Illinois, US member of THS Class of 68 has passed away – Death

Kathy Sexton Death, Obituary – This evening I came across a post informing me that Kathy Menichetti Sexton had passed away. It seems that most of you were familiar with her. She was a member of the Class of 1966 and received her diploma. She was such a lovely and kind person. Our thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones at this time. I am incredibly sorry to learn this. A little over half a year ago, we ran into her in Peoria. Her family, including her husband, is in our prayers. She was stunning on the outside and the inside. Now, with this right hand that has a dressing on it that is about the size of half a boxing glove, I am going to try to pick away a little bit at what you have here.

So I ask that you kindly bear with me. Throughout all of this, Dave has been an incredible blessing. He has been involved in every aspect! It drives me crazy to just lounge around and do nothing. I have no idea why I decided to get this surgery done before the holidays!!!! I have been trying to get something crocheted for my granddaughter for Christmas, and my surgeon told me that I would probably be able to crochet on the same day as the surgery. I have been trying to get something crocheted for my granddaughter for Christmas.

Hmmm…NOT!!! Yesterday, despite my best efforts, I was unable to write the post that I normally publish on the first of each month. SORRY. It breaks my heart that so many of my classmates are going through so much more difficult times than I am right now because it makes me sad that they are going through so much. Let’s just make sure that we keep each other in our prayers and keep in mind that we are getting older, which means that things are more likely to occur. Keeping this in mind will help us remember to pray for each other.