John Morris Obituary, founder member of NABC sadly passed away

John Morris Death, Obituary -John Morris, who passed away not long ago but was a founding member of the NABC in 1953, was a founding member of the organization. The North American Advisory Board for Certification would like to convey its deepest sympathies to John’s family and friends and regretfully let everyone know about his passing.

John had an extraordinary amount of generosity throughout his whole life, making enormous contributions to the sport of boxing on both the amateur and the professional levels. This was true on both levels. Everyone will get the impression that John has significantly diminished the amount of space in their hearts. I have included a photo that I took of John Morris that is one of my all-time favorites and it also happens to be one that I took.

In addition to John Morris, the film also has performances by Terry Taylor, Danny Kemp, and, of course, Frank Bruno. Sadly, John, Terry, and Danny have all left this world at the same time, but I’m sure that there is one heck of a party being held in the spirit realm in their honor right now in some isolated location somewhere in the world in honor of them.

The members of John’s family who are shattered will be asked to accept any floral tributes that are given to NABC in his memory. These tributes will be forwarded to them by NABC. You can send the flowers to the address that is listed up top; it has been provided for your convenience.
To a good friend of mine, please accept my warmest wishes that your travels will be filled with joy and that you will stay safe for the entirety of your trip.