John Clinton Death, Clinton Body Shop Inc has passed away – Death

John Clinton Death, Obituary – I was just made aware that John Mosley, the proprietor of the Clinton Body Shop, has recently passed away (the guy you see in the commercials). When I texted him on Saturday, he informed me that he was currently hospitalized with pneumonia and fighting for his life there. In typical John fashion, he minimized the significance of the occurrence, but he did concede that it was a difficult fight. John also acknowledged that it was a challenge. He had been fighting and winning his battle with lung cancer for some time now; whenever I am confronted with a challenge,

all I can do is pray that I have the bravery and strength that John had whenever I am confronted with it. My first introduction to John was through Guy Brown, the late pilot in honor of whom John chose the name “Avenger” for his TBM (the plane in the cartoon). John had brought Guy’s memory and story back to life, in addition to recognizing Guy for the service he had previously rendered. That is the kind of person I will always think of when I think of John. In addition to that, he helped us out on a few occasions when my sons’ cars got into trouble with a curb or a deer.

He was there for us when they needed him. To pay respect to a man who cherished history and aviation almost as much as he cherished his family—and that’s saying a lot—today, I’m taking a break from my vacation to pay tribute to him. This man loved history and aviation almost as much as he loved his family. They are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. Today, I woke up one year older, which served as a reminder that getting older invariably involves experiencing loss in some form or another. I am also conscious of the fact that, as one ages, they acquire a more profound appreciation for the time they have available to them. That was something that John taught me.