Joe Hammeke Obituary California US , Thrasher Photographer has died – Death

Joe Hammeke Death, Obituary – A fresh piece of information that raises some serious concerns just came to light at this very moment. Joe Hammeke, who was well-known in the skateboarding, photography, and writing communities, passed away not too long ago. Over the course of a great number of years, he had provided assistance to Thrasher in a number of different capacities. The diagnosis of esophageal cancer was delivered last week to a skateboarder who is known for being among the nicest people in the world. He had been sick earlier in the week with a serious medical condition.

He had recovered from his illness. The patient went into cardiac arrest shortly after the beginning of the treatment with chemotherapy. Throughout the entirety of his life, Hammeke has never wavered in his commitment to the activity of skateboarding, which he views as his true calling. In addition, throughout the course of many years, he has maintained a consistent level of support for the skateboarders in the local community, and he has never wavered from this commitment. Meg Watjen set up a GoFundMe page in the name of Jessica Arloa Hammeke in order to solicit monetary support,

and the generous contributions that were received through that page were of great assistance in meeting the financial needs. Meg Watjen set up the page in the name of Jessica Arloa Hammeke. Meg Watjen has also created a fundraising page on GoFundMe in the name of Jessica Arloa Hammeke. On the other hand, Thrasher broke the devastating news to us that our most cherished skater, Hammeke, had passed away.