Jeremiah Lasher Obituary Bismarck, North Dakota, Jeremiah Lasher has passed away

Jeremiah Lasher Obituary, Death –┬áJeremiah (Jeremy) Gene Lasher, age 46, of Bismarck, North Dakota, passed away on December 19, 2022 as a result of natural causes. His funeral was held on December 20. On the afternoon of Friday, December 23, 2022, at 2:00 o’clock, funeral services will be held at the Bismarck Funeral Home for the deceased family member. Those who are unable to attend the funeral service in person will have the opportunity to view it online through a live stream that will be made available on the Facebook page of the Bismack Funeral Home. The visitation will begin at one in the afternoon, precisely one hour before the start of the funeral service that is planned.

Jeremy Lasher was brought into the world by his mother Kimberly Kinn and his father Tony Lasher in the city of Minot, which is located in the state of North Dakota. The exact time of his birth was 11:24 in the morning on November 24th, 1976. The first few months of his life were spent on the farm that his grandparents owned close to Lake Audubon. There, he was cared for by his aunt and uncle. The family stayed there for a short while before moving to Washburn, and then not too much longer after that, they relocated to Bismarck, which is situated in the state of North Dakota.

Jeremy received a certificate in the field of heating and air conditioning from Bismarck State College, which he enrolled in while he was still a student at Bismarck High School. He went on to graduate from that institution. He had a fervent interest in hunting, fishing, and bowling from the time he was a young boy all the way through the end of his life. This passion for these activities never wavered. When he was a teenager, he launched a yardwork business, and in 1996, he was honored for his accomplishments as a young business entrepreneur. His business was recognized for its success.

Jeremy launched Bismarck Landscaping and Services in 2003 as a business that specializes in landscaping and grounds maintenance. This company specializes in hydroseeding, fencing, and retaining walls, in addition to providing other landscaping services. Other landscaping services are provided by this company. He grew plants as a hobby, so hosting visitors at his home nursery, where he cultivated them, was something he took great pride in doing, and he welcomed them with great enthusiasm.

Tanya Tischer was in the midst of celebrating her 21st birthday when Jeremy met the woman who would go on to become the love of his life on November 12, 1998. At the time, Jeremy met the woman who would go on to become the love of his life. It was on the occasion of her 22nd birthday that he made his marriage proposal to her, and they were wed on September 16, 2000. They were given the honor of becoming parents twice, once to a daughter they named Brianna and once to a son they named Bryce, thanks to the fact that they were granted the blessing of having children by two different people.

The months of spring and summer were the working months, and on July 4th, everyone was given the day off to spend time with their families and watch spectacular fireworks displays. He was excited about the prospect of spending time with his family during the autumn months while hunting in the homemade blind that he had constructed west of Hazelton. He thought it would be a lot of fun. In addition to that, he took great pleasure in watching the football games that were played by Century High and North Dakota State University. You might find him out on the ice during the colder months of the year with his dependable companion Stuart, in addition to other friends and members of his family.

It brought him a great deal of pleasure to prepare meals for his family, which included making sausage, jerky, and bacon; preparing his world-famous knoephla soup; smoking brisket; baking a variety of desserts; and ensuring that there was always a supply of monster cookies and hamburger doughy things (fleischkuechle) in the freezer. In addition, he made sure that there was always a supply of monster cookies and smoked brisket.

His wife Tanya, whom he considers to be blessed and with whom he is grateful to have shared his life, as well as their children Brianna and Bryce Lasher, their mother Kimberly (Todd) Sayler, their grandparents Marvin and Joan Kinn, his brothers Cole Lasher and Eric Gruer, his sister Amanda (Eric) Welte, and his mother-in-law are among the people to whom he is grateful. He is also grateful for the opportunity to have shared his Additionally, he is appreciative that he was given the chance to share his The spouse’s grandfather, Laurie (Ted) Petersen, who is also the spouse’s grandfather.

Roger (Bev) Tischer, his brothers-in-law Chad (Jennifer) Tischer, Scott (Donya) Tischer, and Ryan (Whitney) Petersen, his sisters-in-law Shannon Brendefur and Neelie (Aweis) Brendefur, and a large number of uncles, aunts, nieces, and nephews also survive him. He was predeceased by Roger (Bev) Tischer. Survivors include Roger (Bev) On the first of February in 2019, Roger (Bev) Tischer passed away.

His great-grandfather, Lloyd Lasher, as well as his uncle, David Aldinger, and his cousin, Serena Schnabel, all passed away before Jeremy was born. In the end, it was Jeremy who was the one who passed away.