Fred Squires Death, Penn Medicine Radiology Colleague has passed away – Death

Fred Squires Death, Obituary – Yours truly, Dr. Fred Squires, I hope and pray that you will finally be able to find the calm and contentment that your efforts deservingly bring you. My incredible friend, a fellow alumnus of the School of Medicine at Temple University, and a radiology colleague at Penn Medicine, he passed away recently. He will be greatly missed. He will be sorely missed by everyone. He passed away not too long ago. In the beginning of his professional life, he started out by working as a resident at the Einstein Medical Center. This position has been held for an extended period of time.

Everyone who was fortunate enough to have known him and who had affection for him will feel a loss at the passing of this man because of the affection they had for him. Because of the affection they had for him, they will feel a loss at the passing of this man. They felt a deep affection for this man, and his passing will leave them with a sense of loss because of that affection. They had profound feelings of affection for this man, and the fact that he has passed away will cause them to experience a sense of bereavement as a result of those feelings.

We were filled to the brim with the utmost respect and admiration for him as a direct result of the fact that this occurred. This picture was taken at the graduation ceremony for my residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In it, Fred and I can be seen “performing” an unrehearsed and unsuccessful juggling act in front of our fellow graduates. The ceremony served as a celebration of the successful completion of our training (yes those are oranges)