Edward Rios Obituary, former Fire Chief Edward Rios died sadly

Edward Rios Death, Obituary -The passing of Ed Rios, who had previously held the position of Fire Chief, is something that we must inform you of with the utmost grief. This morning, in the presence of his family and friends, the Chief, who had been battling his sickness for a very long time and doing so with great bravery, died away. He was 73.

Before moving to Wittmann with his family in his senior years, Chief Rios spent a good portion of his life in El Mirage as his primary residence. Chief Rios was a well-known figure in the El Mirage community for many years. In the late 1970s, Chief Rios joined the El Mirage Fire Department as a volunteer member of the department. In 1981, he was given the title of Chief, which he continued to hold until his retirement in 2001.

The statement that was issued by Mayor Alexis Hermosillo can be found as follows. “Ed Rios had a lifelong connection to our neighborhood, having spent his childhood in El Mirage and later working his way up through the ranks of the El Mirage Fire Department, eventually becoming Chief of the department. He participated in all of the activities that took place in our town.”

Even after he had retired, he remained one of our City’s most devoted advocates right up until the very end. He was present at all times and never disappeared. Visiting him on school field trips while he was teaching my classmates and me about fire safety and being allowed to tag along in our City’s parades are two of the most treasured memories I have of him. He also allowed me to go along with him in the fire truck in our City’s parades.

In more recent years, he has kept a constant awareness of the development being made at our new library, which was formerly a fire station. This building originally housed the fire department. My great-uncle Eddie was one of the most fervent champions of our city, and he was also one of the most ardent supporters of me. But more than anything else, he was one of the most ardent champions of our city. His unending love for El Mirage shined through in everything he did for the town, and the legacy he left here will continue to live on in our thoughts and memories for as long as we all shall live.