Andrew Simms Obituary, Andrew Simms Has Sadly Passed Away

Andrew Simms Death, Obituary – Andrew Simms has passed away untimely and unexpectedly leaving friends, loved ones, family, and the entire community heartbroken and in grievance, according to a social media sharing. On May 12, 1976, he came into the world as the third son of Genanne Beck and Michael McManus Simms. He was born under the name Michael McManus Beck. Both Halifax and St. Albert, in the province of Alberta, were his homes during his formative years. It had been only a short while since he had relocated back to Halifax in order to carry on with his life there.

He was a large, gentle giant of a guy who loved and supported not only his family and friends, but also everyone who came to cross the path of this big-hearted man. Not only did he love and support his family and friends, but he also loved and supported anyone who occurred to cross his path. He was affectionately referred to as “Shrek” by his family, friends, and particularly his nieces and nephews. Because of the size of his heart, he was able to love and care for everyone he came in contact with. When he performed things for other people, he did them with a great deal of care, love, respect, and humility. He shared his world with other people.

Those who went through life with Andrew knew they could always count on him to help and support them in a way that was unreserved and unconditional. This was something they could always count on from him. The phrase “much love” was always his parting comment. This held true throughout. Andrew’s love of the great outdoors drove him to spend endless hours on, in, and around the rivers of Alberta, which led to him becoming an expert in river fishing. After coming back to Nova Scotia, he continued to pursue this interest by going on hikes along the coast and swimming in the waters of the ocean. His love for life and insatiable spirit of fun won over his twelve nieces and nephews, whom he cherished and who adored him in return.

His passion for life and inexhaustible spirit of fun endeared him to them. His enthusiasm for life and his sense of humor were indefatigable. Andrew is survived by his parents and three brothers, Michael (Lee), Jonathan (Anna), and David (Tera), in addition to a large extended family and his twelve nieces and nephews. Michael is married to Lee, and Jonathan and David are married to Anna. David is married to Tera. Before Andrew was born, all of his grandparents, including his maternal grandparents Raymond and Molly Beck and his paternal grandparents G. Graham and Nora Simms, as well as his sister-in-law Krista Simms, had already passed away.