Walid Loukili Obituary East St. Louis, Illinois, Walid Loukili dies at aged 40

Walid Loukili Obituary, Death – It has been established without a reasonable doubt that the decomposing body of a guy which was discovered in East Saint Louis is in fact the identical one which belonged to the person who was identified. Another dead body was discovered in the same spot where the first one was.

Walid Loukili, a resident of the 1700 block of Bond Avenue in East St. Louis, was identified as the individual who passed away as a result of the investigation that was carried out by the coroner for St. Clair County, Calvin Dye Sr. According to the findings of the investigation, it was determined that Walid Loukili was the individual who had passed away.

Dye Sr. arrived at this conclusion after completing his own research and analyzing the evidence that was presented by Walid Loukili’s family. Dye reported that a copy of his death certificate was created in the region of the intersection of 40th Street and Lincoln Avenue in the city of Lincoln at approximately 7:50 in the morning.

According to the official report, Loukil suffered a number of bullet wounds as a consequence of the numerous injuries he sustained as a result of being shot. The report also adds that Loukil sustained these injuries as a result of being shot. Two distinct law enforcement agencies, namely the East St. Louis Police Department and the Illinois State Police, are currently conducting separate investigations into the fatal shooting that took occurred.