Venecia Woodruff Obituary SC, one killed in Spartanburg County shooting

Venecia Woodruff Obituary, Death – As a consequence of a shooting that took place at a hotel on Monday evening and ended in the death of another individual, a man was brought before the bail court on Tuesday. The incident led to the arrest of the man. On the evening of December 19, at around 7:29 p.m., it was reported that deputies went to a call at a hotel located along Pottery Road. Deputy Sheriffs discovered a woman who had been shot in the back before they could help her when they got at the scene of the crime.

The deputies claim that she was sent to the hospital so that she might receive medical assistance, and it was reported that this occurred. Unfortunately, she passed away later that night, when it was still dark outside. A woman by the name of Venecia Miranda Woodruff was identified as the victim, and the coroner established that she was 49 years old. Keith Anthony Jones, 46 years old, was reportedly detained and charged with murder as well as possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent felony, according to the deputies who made the arrest.

Keith Anthony Jones was reportedly arrested and charged with murder as well as possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent felony. According to reports, Keith Anthony Jones was detained and charged with murder in addition to having a firearm in his hands while committing a violent crime. He is also alleged to have committed the murder. According to the deputies that responded to the event, Jones was the one who called 911 and reported that someone had shot his child.

Jones told the dispatcher that someone had shot his child. As a result of this, when the deputies from the sheriff’s office came, their initial thought was that they were responding to a report about a child who had been injured. Jones was able to appear in court for the bail hearing scheduled for him on the 20th of December, but the judge ultimately made the decision not to release him on bond. In addition to this, he asked for a preliminary hearing to be convened in regard to the case.

It was disclosed during the hearing that the police looked at camera footage that showed Jones outside close to the dumpster that was located behind the hotel. The dumpster was located at the rear of the building. Behind the motel was where one could find the garbage can. In addition, the firearm was discovered in the general vicinity of where the first discovery was made.