San Garcia Obituary, San Garcia has sadly passed away

San Garcia Obituary, Death –┬áThose who are left behind following the death of a parent include Mike Garcia and his wife Diana, Caroline Fesler and her husband Jeff, Henry Garcia and his wife Cindi, Sylvia Bickford, Louis Garcia, Theresa Kennedy, Johnny Garcia and his wife Lettie, and Patsy Ramirez, among others. They have three other siblings besides Della Garcia, and their names are Mary Soto, Frank Gaitan, and Mary Lou Garza. Special niece Olga Serbine.

And a significant number of grandchildren as well as great grandchildren. Her husband Miguel Garcia, her daughter Elissa Garcia, her sisters Janie Cortez and Delfina Jacques, and her great grandson Rhiley Graves all went away before she did. In addition, she was predeceased by her great grandson. How is it possible for a mother of seven children to convey the idea that each of her children is her favorite? This is a question that has been brought up in our discussions on numerous occasions.

Because our mother treated each of us as if we were her favorite child, we often teased one another about whether or not she said, “You’re my favorite,” to each of us individually as she bid goodbye. This was due to the fact that she treated each of us as though we were her favorite child. She retired from Levi’s in the nineties and continued to put her abilities as a Master Seamstress to use by volunteering at the Baptist Retirement Community, which was also the location of her home at the time of her retirement.

Mom was a good person who believed in the power of prayer. She enjoyed the company of her children, grandchildren, and other relatives and friends, and she frequently cooked family meals for them. She had the kind of heart that one would find in a servant; really, her heart was as pure as could be, and she was a woman of virtue.

Always, we could not believe our eyes!!! How was it possible to feed such a vast number of people given the extremely low amount of food that was available? She took care in preparing the meals, and regardless of the number of people who attended, there was always sufficient food for everyone, in addition to plenty for them to take home.

The Lord showered Mom with his blessings and good fortune. The news of her departure will undoubtedly bring unimaginable sorrow to her numerous relatives and friends.
Some people are only in our lives for a little period of time, while others create an impression that cannot be erased and will be ingrained in our minds for the rest of our lives. Vaya con Dios, Mom!
The Gaitan Garcia family, which consists of Virginia Gaitan among its members.