Ron Godwin Obituary Ottawa, Canada, Ron Godwin died unexpectedly

Ron Godwin Obituary, Death – Ron Godwin has sadly died unexpectedly, leaving loved ones and family and the entire community in grief and sadness according to an online share. “The death of Ron Godwin has left each and every one of us with heavy hearts, and it is with these heavy hearts that we share the news of his passing with you at this time. Because Ron ran with the Mill Street Milers and the Vanier Running Group on a regular basis over the course of his running career, he was able to become acquainted with the individuals who were a part of those groups.

He was quick to smile and say hello to other runners while we were out on our runs, and he was interested in having a conversation with us the entire time. The members of Ron’s family and friends have our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time of loss and suffering. It has been great having him here with us, and we are going to miss that. You were the kindest, most genuine, and most loving person I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, and you were the most compassionate and loving person I’ve ever met. You were the best man I’ve ever met.

You were always there for anyone who needed you; you always laughed and smiled; the moment you walked into a room, your smile turned on the lights and illuminated the entire space. Today, the world lost a great man; he was a person who had a lot of fun, was very classy, and was just an all-around amazing person. The knowledge that you are no longer with us causes me a great deal of anguish, and I simply do not have the language to express how I feel in an appropriate manner. I was the most capable man I knew, and I was proud of it.

I owe you, Uncle Roonie, a debt of gratitude for the fact that you have always been encouraging to me and have hoped for the best outcomes for me in my life. I love you so much. Homeslice, I am going to miss you so very much, and I don’t want to let go of the chance to spend any more time with you. Keep on boosting the morale of those Habs by cheering for and supporting them. There is not the slightest possibility that you will miss even a single game with this plan.
Gone too soon but never forgotten ❤🕊
Ron Godwin”