Roberta Ahdunko Obituary, Roberta Ahdunko Has Sadly Passed Away

Roberta Ahdunko Death, Obituary – Roberta Ahdunko has sadly passed away unexpectedly with loved ones, family and the entire community left heartbroken and in grievance, according to an online publication. Yesterday evening, Roberta Ahdunko, a treasured member of our staff who was also a Pawnee, passed away unexpectedly following a heart attack. In addition to that, she was a member of the Pawnee tribe. We had a close relationship with her, thus it is with a sad heart that we must share the news that she has passed away with the people in our lives. She is currently 66 years old at this point in her life and has reached the age of 66.

After receiving authorization from the family to go with the celebration as planned, we went ahead and continued with the festivities that we had planned for our staff members and laborers. Roberta was in charge of selecting a sizeable portion of the deserving candidates for the staff awards that were distributed today, and she was in charge of selecting a sizeable portion of those individuals.

It is difficult to overstate how essential it was to her to offer aid and support to the other employees at the organization she was working for. The honors that are given to members of the staff are now referred to as “The Berta Awards” in honor of the achievements that she has achieved in the past. It is reasonable to suppose that everyone in the Pawnee Nation is going through a challenging moment at the present time, and the fact that we are all here together may provide some consolation for the circumstance that we find ourselves in.

We ask that you pray for her family ones and those that were close to her as you go about your day. Please keep them in your thoughts. Please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. Please remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your day. Thank you.
(The image of Roberta that can be seen below shows her proudly standing in front of the Employee Veterans Wall, which she dreamed up, was responsible for commissioning, and coordinated.)