Patrick Fitzmorris Obituary Corvallis, Oregon, Patrick Fitzmorris has died

Patrick Fitzmorris Obituary, Death – Patrick Dwight ‘Hoss’ Fitzmorris has passed away sadly and untimely which has left the family in serious grief and agony according to a social media publication. “Patrick Dwight “Hoss” Fitzmorris was known to be the funniest, most generous, and most good-hearted person who had ever walked the face of the earth. He went by the nickname “Hoss.” Hoss was a nickname that was given to him. When he passed away on December 8, 2022, it had been nearly 35 years since his birth on September 1, 1983. His birthday was September 1. The first of September was his birthday.

Patrick was born and raised on the grass seed farm that his family owned and operated, and for a good portion of his life, he toiled away alongside his relatives in order to contribute to the family business. Patrick participated in the logging sports competitions hosted by the Forestry Club at Oregon State University while he was working toward earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from that institution. During his time as a member of the club, he did a lot of fun things and had a lot of good times. The annual Conclave competition pits colleges from all over the Pacific Northwest against one another and centers its competition around logging sports as its primary focus.

There, he helped his friends build a brand new logging sports arena that will be used as the venue for the Conclave. This arena will serve as the location for the event. It was in those woods that he would one day meet the love of his life, Jessica, who would go on to become his wife. Those woods were significant in his life because they were where he met his future wife. These woods held a special place in his heart because they were the setting for his first encounter with the woman who would become his wife. Sierra, Makenna, and Alena are the three beautiful and sassy daughters that Patrick and Jessica have.

They take after their parents in every way. Sierra is the oldest of the three children; she is the only girl. Patrick and Jessica exchanged their vows on June 7, 2014, and the following year it was determined that he is the legally responsible parent for the girls. Patrick and Jessica have two daughters. Patrick made the decision to embark on a new line of work and try his hand at something completely different after working on a farm in the warehouse in addition to tending to sheep and shearing them for a number of years. He also decided to try his hand at something completely different after shearing them.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the OHSU School of Nursing in 2019, after having completed his studies there. After finishing his education, Patrick looked for a job in the field of surgical nursing in the Eugene Springfield area. He was looking for a position there. He was successful in locating employment opportunities.
Patrick had a deep and abiding affection for the neighborhood in which he had grown up, and as a result, he volunteered his services as a firefighter for both the Brownsville and the Halsey fire departments.

A funeral service honoring the life of the person who has passed away will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. at the Forestry Club Cabin in the Peavy Arboretum, which can be found at NW Peavy Arboretum Road in the city of Corvallis, Oregon 97330. The funeral service will be held at the Forestry Club Cabin in the Peavy Arboretum. Orange or a color that is somewhat comparable to hickory is the requested color to wear for those who will be attending the event.”