Patricia Blake Obituary, Patricia Blake passed away

Patricia Blake Obituary, Death – Patricia Blake has sadly passed away unexpectedly leaving loved ones and family in grief and agony. Patricia married Walter D. Jack in 1946. They gave thanks to the Lord that he had made it possible for them to have two children. Her marriage to John H. Blake took place in 1964, and not long after the reception, she and her new husband made the move to New Britain, Connecticut. Patricia and John uprooted their lives and moved to Naples in the state of Florida after they both reached the age where they could retire.

Her two sisters, both of her husbands, both of her parents, and both of her husbands all passed away before her. Both of her parents also passed away before her. The only members of her family to have survived her passing were her daughter Margaret Jack and her son Robert Jack. Her husband also predeceased her. Her daughter’s name is Margaret, and her son’s name is Robert. Patricia received a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Acadia University in 1936, when he graduated with a degree in Dietetics from that institution. Patricia’s degree was a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. During World War II, she worked both in the medical community and in the private industry.

Her first job was in the medical community, and her second job was in the private industry. Both traveling and writing poetry were some of her favorite things to do in her spare time when she wasn’t engaged in either activity. She was able to meet new people and develop new relationships as a result of the volunteer work she did at the Bargain Box and the gatherings of the Women’s Fellowship at the Naples United Church of Christ, of which she was a member. Patricia was also a participant in the Mayflower Descendants General Society’s Miles Standish Colony, which is a subgroup of the larger Mayflower Descendants General Society. In her younger years, she used to devote a significant portion of her leisure time to playing card games such as Mah Jong and Bridge.

In addition to that, she spent a significant amount of time reading, and in her spare time, she enjoyed needlepoint. Patricia was given the summer home on Ponhook Lake in Greenfield, Nova Scotia, as an inheritance after the deaths of both of her parents. Her mother and father had owned the property for a good number of years. During the celebration of her 100th birthday, guests were invited to the veranda, where they enjoyed tea sandwiches and homemade cakes. The birthday girl herself turned 100 years old. Patricia would never be able to go back to her cherished cottage, but she would be able to take with her the recollections of the many summers she had spent there over the course of the previous century.