Otis Young Obituary, Otis Young has sadly passed away

Otis Young Obituary, Death – Otis Young has sadly died unexpectedly, leaving loved ones and family and entire community in grief and agony according to an online share. “Dr. Charles Preston, the coroner for the St. Tammany parish, arrived at the conclusion today that Otis Young, a retired priest, was one of two people who had been murdered in Covington the day before. Dr. Preston came to this conclusion after conducting an investigation into the deaths of these individuals.

Following a series of autopsies that lasted a cumulative total of five hours, this conclusion was arrived at. After discovering that Otis Young’s body had been charred in a fire, Dr. Preston came to this conclusion as a result of his investigation. According to the conclusions of the medical examiner, Young was one of the victims who was unable to recover from the effects of their injuries and ultimately died as a direct result of the injuries they sustained.

DNA testing is the first step that, according to Preston, needs to be taken in order to definitively identify the second person who was slain in order to move forward with the investigation. This needs to be done as the very first stage in the process. As the very first step in the procedure, this step needs to be completed successfully. In order to move forward with the process of identifying the individual, you will be required to supply the aforementioned information in full.”