Nola Johnson Obituary Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nola Johnson suddenly passed away

Nola Johnson Obituary, Death – Nola Johnson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has reportedly died untimely and unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. In spite of the fact that Nola and Dale have made their home in a variety of locations across the United States over the course of their married life, the family has ultimately decided to make Toledo their place of residence for the foreseeable future. She began her career in the hospitality industry in this city as a waitress and bartender, first at the Log Cabin and then, after some time there, at the Branding Iron Restaurant, where she remained for the next twenty or more years.

She worked in both establishments as a waitress and bartender at the Log Cabin and the Branding Iron Restaurant. She worked there for more than twenty years, making her the longest-serving employee in the restaurant’s history. She was the employee with the longest tenure in the restaurant’s history, having worked there for over twenty years, making her the longest-serving employee overall. Because she took such pleasure in preparing meals for her family and friends, there is no question that she will continue to live on in our memories for the rest of their lives.

This is due to the fact that she took such pleasure in doing so. Her pies and cookies were universally regarded by her husband’s entire family as the tastiest and most treasured sweets in their entire collection. Her husband’s family could not say enough good things about them. She considered it an incredible stroke of luck to have been able to bring forth a family that was so loving and kind to one another. She hoped that her children would carry on this tradition. She had high hopes that her offspring would keep up with this family custom.

The more she learned about her youngest grandchild, the more determined she became to be a part of everything that happened in the lives of all of her grandchildren, especially her oldest grandchild. Nola placed a very high value on the time that she and her boyfriend were able to devote to spending together. This was due to the fact that whenever they were together, it was invariably full of love and laughter. This was a result of how they interacted with one another. Her cherished great-grandchildren affectionately referred to her as “Bam-maw,” and she was fondly referred to as “Grandma Nola.”

She took great pride in her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Her great-grandchildren referred to her as “Bam-maw” in her later years. Her cherished great-grandchildren referred to her with the endearing nickname “Bam-maw” throughout her life. The members of Nola’s immediate family had all passed away prior to her own passing. Her devoted husband of 52 years, Dale Johnson, as well as her sons Tom and Jeff Johnson, as well as her brothers Bill and Ralph Hoffman and her brother-in-law Teddie Council are included in this group.

Not only had Nola’s parents passed away prior to her, but the wonderful man to whom she had been married for 52 years, Dale Johnson, had also passed away prior to her. Sadly, Nola did not outlive both of her parents or Dale Johnson. She is survived by her devoted daughter Tammy (Ken) Robinson, who also served as her primary caregiver; her daughters-in-law, Barb and Netter Johnson; her sister, Betty Council; and her grandchildren, Joel (Kim) Johnson, Jeremy (Kathy) Johnson, Scott (Lydia) Cornett, Jobe Johnson, Cassie (Steve) Mynihan, Wayne (Julia) Cornett, Jobe Johnson, Nikki Johnson, Jobe Johnson (Tom)