Nicole Warner Obituary Wisconsin, Nicole Warner has reported passed away

Nicole Warner Death, Obituary – Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Nicole Warner of Wisconsin who has passed away untimely and unexpectedly. Nicole was accepted as a member of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church as well as the St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church, all of which are found in Canton, Ohio.

A student majoring in English at Kent State University who received their high school education at Canton McKinley High School and earned their diploma from that school. When Nicole was a senior in high school, she had her first real interest in traveling to different parts of the world. A woman of Greek blood who was deeply devoted to both her own culture and the culture of her adopted country of France

A voracious reader and author who also composes poems. Her dazzling grin had the power to illuminate a whole space, and the warmth of her character was palpable to anybody who had the honor of getting to know Nicole. Her eyes shone with a brilliant light that was unfalteringly bright. Nicky was the moniker that she was known by both within her family and among the friends that she had when she was a child.

was the member of her immediate family who was responsible for the largest improvement in the standard of life for her relatives. Her hallmark greeting was “Top of the morning to ya!,” and we will never forget it because it was so memorable. “Top of the morning to ya!”