Michael Starnes Obituary Tompkinsville, KY, Michael Starnes died at 74

Michael Starnes Obituary, Death – The passing of Michael “Mike” Lee Starnes, who was 74 years old at the time of his death on December 19, 2018, took place at the TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Michael “Mike” Lee Starnes was a longtime resident of Bowling Green. He considered the neighborhood of Tompkinsville in Kentucky, which is located in the state of Kentucky, to be his permanent residence. Barren County, Kentucky is the location where Mike Starnes spent his first 23 days of life.

It was in this part of Kentucky that he was first brought into the world. Both of Mike’s parents had already passed away before he was even conceived. Mike does not have any siblings. Both of his parents were medical professionals; unfortunately, his mother, Inez Head, passed away, but his father, Dr. R.D. Starnes, practiced medicine throughout his life. The year 1966 was the one in which Mike graduated from Tompkinsville High School with his high school diploma. It was in this year that Mike received his diploma.

After that, he settled on the idea of attending the University of Kentucky for his education in the field of architecture. After studying there for a total of four years, he was awarded a Bachelor of Architecture degree and received his diploma from the university. Mike was one of the early investors in the company that would later be known as Tompkinsville Building Supply, and he was a shareholder in the organization. After the transaction involving the building supplies was finalized, he first began working for Anderson Brothers Hardwoods, and then some time later, he began working for James Ritter Lumber Company.

Both of these jobs were after the conclusion of the deal involving the building supplies. Mike was a devoted Christian throughout the entirety of his life. He attended worship services regularly at the Mount Gilead Church of Christ, where he held a membership in good standing and was an active participant in the congregation’s activities. When he married Brenda Dyer on August 21, 1971, the wedding took place at the Mt. Gilead Church of Christ, which served as the location for the ceremony. The wedding went ahead as planned.

A memorial service honoring the deceased will take place on Thursday, December 22 at one o’clock in the afternoon at the Yokley Trible Funeral Home. The service will be held in memory of the deceased. The funeral or memorial service will be held in memory of the deceased individual who will be honored by its presence. The final act of the funeral services will be the interment of the body at the Monroe County Memorial Lawn, which will take place as soon as the services have concluded. Visitation will begin at 7:30 in the morning on Thursday at the Yokley Trible Funeral Home, and it will continue until the funeral service begins at 1:00 in the afternoon. The service will be held on Thursday. The memorial service is scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Mike is survived by Brenda Starnes, his wife of 51 years, who resides in Tompkinsville, Kentucky; two daughters, Kim Parr and her husband, Jim, who reside in Cortez, Colorado; and Leslie Campbell and her husband, Michael, who reside in Alvaton, Kentucky; as well as four grandchildren, Siena Parr, Landry, Livvy, and Ramsey Campbell. In addition, Mike is survived by his parents, who reside in Cortez, Colorado; and Kim Parr In addition, Mike is survived by his mother and father, who can be found living in Cortez, Colorado, as well as by Kim Parr. Mike’s parents, both of whom resided in Tompkinsville, Kentucky at the time of their passing, are another member of Mike’s family that he is able to call on for support.

Michael Starnes, who also goes by the name Michael, is one of the people who will carry on after Mike’s passing. Michael Starnes is also known as Michael. Michael Starnes calls the community of Cortez in Colorado, located in the state of Colorado, his home. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother named Larry “Sug” Starnes. His parents and brother both passed away before him. Both of his parents and his brother had already passed away before he was born. Before he was born, both of his parents and his brother had already passed away. He was the only surviving member of his family.