Erica Vanclief Obituary, Erica Vanclief has suddenly died – Death

Erica Vanclief Obituary, Death – Erica Vanclief has reportedly died untimely and unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. He leaves behind a legacy of a loving family which includes his cherished wife, Jeanne; daughter, Alex (Jonathan Eger) Van Clief of New York, New York; son, David (Elizabeth) Van Clief of San Diego, California; five grandchildren, Hali, Chance, Duke, Remy and June; three brothers, Daniel Good Van Clief Jr., J. Courtlandt Van Clief, and Alan S. Van Clief; and his faithful companion

He had a quiet reverence for life and spent his time as an artist, boat captain, sign painter, shop owner, fanatical fisherman, hunter, wood carver, fryer of fish, barbecuer of venison, and wanderer of the warm seas of Florida and the Bahamas. He also had a quiet reverence for nature and spent his time fishing, hunting, and carving wood. In addition to this, he maintained a calm reverence for the natural world and spent some of his time hunting. In addition to that, he was skilled in woodcarving and deer hunting.

After moving to Florida to pursue an education in art at the University of Miami, Erica met the woman who would eventually become his devoted wife, Jeanne. Jeanne had previously moved to Florida for the same reason as Erica. Erica had relocated to Florida in order to pursue an education in the arts there. Following his retirement, Erica developed a contented routine that included spending time with his family as well as painting and playing the guitar. He had spent the better part of his life fishing and pursuing his artistic interests. His upbringing in a rural setting, combined with time spent at sea and in the woods, instilled in him a profound appreciation for nature, the outdoors, and the power that can be found there.

His appreciation helped him discover and pursue his passion for writing. In addition to this, he has a deep understanding and respect for the power that can be discovered there. This love was reflected in the paintings that he created throughout his entire life and it was a source of inspiration for him. Erica experienced a special kind of happiness that could only be described as contentment when he watched his five grandchildren engage with the world around them. The fact that he was able to be a part of any of our lives was a tremendous blessing for which we are all extremely grateful.