Duane Love Obituary, Duane Love has passed away

Duane Love Obituary, Death – Two people were killed by a train in Elk Grove in the early hours of Saturday morning. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday. The event took place in the early hours of Saturday morning, making it a Saturday morning occurrence. The event took place fairly early on Saturday morning, when the day was just getting started and there was still a good deal of time left over.

The occasion began at one in the morning, give or take a few minutes in either direction, and it was roughly in the vicinity of one in the morning at the time. A man by the name of Duane Love, who was 37 years old, and a lady by the name of Mariah Gonzales, who was 25 years old, have been determined to have perished in the incident. This data was supplied by the Coroner’s Office in Sacramento County, which is located in the state of California.

It was found out that both of the victims had died as a direct result of the injuries that they had incurred. The bodies of both victims were found in the same position where they had been killed, indicating that both victims had been murdered in the same location.
Without a doubt, the worst possible result that could have come about as a result of the situation, taking into account all of the alternative outcomes that were possible.