Deshazo Howard Obituary, Deshazo Howard has suddenly passed away

Deshazo Howard Obituary, Death – A dead corpse was discovered on Thomaston Road, and authorities are looking for the public’s aid in identifying the person responsible for its discovery.
The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the assistance of the general public in order to identify a male victim who was discovered dead in the parking lot of Reaves Software, which is situated on Thomaston Road. The parking area is accessible via Thomaston Road.

A portion of Thomaston Road may be seen from the parking lot. The parking lot can only be reached via Thomaston Road, which is the only route that leads there. Initially, it was thought that the victim was a female; however, subsequent investigation revealed that the victim was, in fact, a male. The gender of the victim was a misconception. It seemed as though the victim was trying to pass themselves off as a woman.

The person under suspicion is a brown-skinned man with lengthy braided extensions that reach his waistline and are braided to a significant length. Additionally, the suspect possesses incredibly long braided extensions all over their head. In addition to having long eyelash extensions, he also wears a single diamond stud earring and a nose ring. Both of these accessories may be found on him. Aside from that, he has a ring in his nose, and the very tips of his toes are done up in the style of a French manicure.

Today he is sporting a pair of brown jogging pants, two beaded bracelets, a gray t-shirt, and black slides. He also has on two beaded bracelets. Additionally, he is sporting a pair of bracelets that are made of beads. It is possible that the man is already in his twenties at this point, given how far along we are in the conversation. The investigation into this incidence is still ongoing, and the detectives are devoted to making use of the most resources that law enforcement is able to provide in order to solve this case as quickly as they possibly can.

Macon Regional Crime stoppers can be reached at 1-877-68CRIME, and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 478-751-7500, if anyone has any information regarding the identify of this individual. You may locate both of these phone numbers by searching on the internet.